• Physical and occupational therapy serving Manhattan, central and eastern Kansas
  • Mathis Certified Hand Therapy,  serving Manhattan, Emporia, Council Grove, Herington, Fort Riley, Wamego, St Mary's and Eastern Kansas
  • Health monitoring and management for diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and blood glucose monitoring in Manhattan, Fort Riley, Wamego, St Mary's and North east Kansas

Return to Good Health

Our highly qualified therapists will perform a thorough evaluation to identify the source of your problem and tailor an individualized program to fit your needs. Our therapists are up to date on the most current techniques and evidence based practices. We have proven that the road to improved health does not always have to be a long one.

What Our Patients Say

Before therapy, I was miserable because I had so much pain. After the right exercises, heat, and electrical stimulation, now I am able to sit, bend, and touch my toes without pain…

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Mathis Blog

Don’t be a Tightwad...

Posture in the Workplace We are spending more and more time behind a desk and in front of a computer screen than ever before.  This ...

Recovery: Hydration

Rehydration – Recovery for the Whole Body Hydration is vital for proper recovery.  For each pound lost during exercise, we lose ...

Foam Rolling

A foam roller is a tool that allows one to perform general joint and self-soft tissue mobilizations to certain areas of the body. ...

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